Some fabulous tips for being Incredible (part2)

You expected it... Here's the second (and last) part of my ten tips for being Incredible...

6. Gadget junkie... Keep your clutch bursting with the latest cell-phone, Blackberry and iPod. Always have your stylist on speed dial and, if you can, get your manicured mitts on those limited editions that will keep you on the cutting-edge of cool and make you the envy of gadget geeks the world over.

7. Dancing Queen… Soak up the latest dancefloor fillers on regular trips to the world’s hippest music scene destinations, such as Ibiza and Miami. Hit the VIP lounge with your friends and flirt with the DJs to seriously increase your club-cred!

8. Shop till you drop! A girl can never have too many clothes or accessories so enjoy regular shopping excursions and cram your closet with a thousand fabulous outfit choices, ready to steal the show at your next social event.

9. Sweet charity… Few things in life are as fulfilling as helping those in need, so swap the occasional shopping spree to devote some time to a worthwhile cause? Show your caring side by lending a helpful hand to a charity that’s close to your heart – there’s nothing fabulous about being selfish.

And finally …
10. A pinch of salt… Remember not to take life too seriously – everyone wants to be friends with an optimist, and a care-free, fun-loving attitude will take you a long way.

So, now you know all the insider secrets… Enjoy being truly Incredible!

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