Incredible day: one week left!

One week! That's what I just realized this morning... Everything is going so fast!
I also updated my links:

Those are now on the list!

The preparation of our giant party: "Escada Incredible Me, The Première" is intense but I'm sure this will be THE party to remember...

Hundreds of red Escada Incredible Me gift bags are already waiting for you! :)

See you in one week!


Charlotte Le Bon is Incredible Me

You could discover it in the ad, a remarkable brunette is the face of Incredible Me.
Charlotte Le Bon is a rising 5'9" Canadian model and she is the perfect girl for Incredible Me.
She is edgy, sexy, urban. She expresses magical intelligence and represents happy elegance. She has her own symbolic universe – a rich personality, a natural aura and a simple, stylish look. She is fresh and vibrant, and her beauty is striking, not naïve.
Hereafter, you'll find some other pictures (click on pics to enlarge) :


Inside Incredible Me

I'm sure one question still remains: how does Incredible Me smell?
Well, I won't reveal its secrets but the following picture gives you a lot of info about what it's made of:

It's an Oriental Vanilla
and I'm sure you will love its components!
More info soon :)


Incredible Me, The Premiere video

Girls, here is an exclusivity! The video of the Incredible Me launch party has just been released...
Here it is!!!

Of course, you can also admire it on Carré homepage!
Do not hesitate to share... :)


Buzz me, I’m Incredible!

Girls, what about your week-end? Incredible?

I just found out a new article talking about the activities that will happen in the coming days and weeks!
It’s available here (and also here if you prefer French).

This article is actually not from a blogger but from a bloggers community: Buzzparadise!
If you don’t know Buzzparadise, they describe themselves as an international buzz marketing platform connecting brands and influential consumers. An indeed, they have been very helpful after I decided to involve bloggers in the launch of the fragrance.

So, if you consider yourself as well-informed, expert in a specific area, buzzer or blogger, join now their community here!

See you soon for some fresh exclusive news!


Incredible Me... & You! (3)

Do you remember the Incredible Photoshoot, 2 days ago?
I posted some pics but didn't go that much into details...
One of our Incredible bloggers (Sophie) did! Click here to read her great article...

It is full of info about the artists who did such a great job on that day:

Have a good week-end girls!


Sexy at Saint-Tropez

As promised, here are a few pics of Incredible Me presentation at Saint-Tropez...
Trendy place + Beautiful weather + Sexy people = really nice party!

Incredible girls with Incredible Me

13 days left and it can be yours... :)
For those who want, hundreds of pics available on Peopleattitude website!


Incredible photoshoot

As announced, today was the day of the photoshoot of our 4 Incredible girls.
It all happened in "La Fabrique 22a", a beautiful studio in Brussels.
2 of the 4 girls were bloggers:

You will discover one Incredible girl each month in Lou-Mag from September till December.
If you don't want to wait, why no visiting the blogs of those Incredible girls? Maybe you will find some exclusive backstage pics or comments on the experience in the coming days...

Hereafter some pictures... As you can guess: lot of work, lots of pictures taken, lots of colours and...of course... Incredible Me, the fragrance!


Incredible Day: 15 days left!

Time is flying as there are only 15 days left before Aug 7th...

Here are some fresh news:

  • Amélie (do you remember? see here) from "Mon ptit salon de fille" added the Incredible banner on her homepage... thanks!

  • And... tomorrow... I'll attend a special photoshoot with 4 Incredible girls: 2 of them are bloggers. Maybe you? Let's discover their identity in Lou-Mag and later on my blog! Maybe some exclusivities soon? You will see! :-)

Anyway, I'll keep you posted! And, as always, do not hesitate to comment...


Incredible Me... & You! (2)

Here it is! I'm sure you've just seen it on the right of the page...
My Incredible flash banner is now available!
Let me know what you think about it :-)
You want it on your blog? No problem, just click on "Adopt this banner" and it will be yours.
By the way, I discovered that two bloggers already did!

The first one is "Special K" writing on "Fashion is not all there is. Yeah, right." She describes herself as:

Tea-holic, travel-animal, Kiehl's & MAC fan, Coco Mademoiselle &
Lagerfeld craver, all things leather fan, colour lover, shoe addict, book worm,
runs & cycles through life, Marc Jacobs devotee, veggie, East & West
coast-loving, IT-girls and IT-bags hating, geeky under-the-rooftop-living Alley
Kat (with a general spendthrift Kattitude).

Wow :)

The second one is "Miss Lollipop" and her blog simply named "Miss Lollipop". I'm sure you'll love to read her pinky-girly-sweety-blog!

2 blogs... 2 banners... Who's next?

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

Some fabulous tips for being Incredible (part2)

You expected it... Here's the second (and last) part of my ten tips for being Incredible...

6. Gadget junkie... Keep your clutch bursting with the latest cell-phone, Blackberry and iPod. Always have your stylist on speed dial and, if you can, get your manicured mitts on those limited editions that will keep you on the cutting-edge of cool and make you the envy of gadget geeks the world over.

7. Dancing Queen… Soak up the latest dancefloor fillers on regular trips to the world’s hippest music scene destinations, such as Ibiza and Miami. Hit the VIP lounge with your friends and flirt with the DJs to seriously increase your club-cred!

8. Shop till you drop! A girl can never have too many clothes or accessories so enjoy regular shopping excursions and cram your closet with a thousand fabulous outfit choices, ready to steal the show at your next social event.

9. Sweet charity… Few things in life are as fulfilling as helping those in need, so swap the occasional shopping spree to devote some time to a worthwhile cause? Show your caring side by lending a helpful hand to a charity that’s close to your heart – there’s nothing fabulous about being selfish.

And finally …
10. A pinch of salt… Remember not to take life too seriously – everyone wants to be friends with an optimist, and a care-free, fun-loving attitude will take you a long way.

So, now you know all the insider secrets… Enjoy being truly Incredible!



As I said you, tonight, I'm in Saint-Tropez but... I'll also be in one of the trendiest place in Brussels! And I'm sure you'll see me! How come?
Here is the answer!:

You got it! I decided that the best way to make my fragrance known was to say it BIG! During 2 months, when driving along the A12 runway (Antwerp-Brussels) or going out at Carré, you won't miss my giant Incredible Me bottle! 8 meters height... that's definitely big!
Unfortunately, that size won't be sold in perfumeries... ;-)


Some fabulous tips for being Incredible (part1)

These tips are not to take too seriously but could help you being truly Incredible!

1. Pamper, pamper, pamper! Book in a manicure, sport a trendy new hairstyle, have your make-up applied to perfection and finish with a spritz of ESCADA’s hot new Fashionista fragrance, Incredible Me. It’s all about first impressions, and with pre-event pamper parties all the rage among the social elite, there’s no excuse for not looking incredible!

2. Streets Ahead… Forget fashion faux-pas – keep a close eye on the latest catwalk trends. Whether its bright neon prints or subtle safari shades, make sure you’re draped head to toe in fabric that will soon be gracing the pages of Vogue. Once you’re dressed to impress and rubbing shoulders with the fashion glitterati, you may even catch the eye of the industry’s hippest up-and-coming designers.

3. Make an entrance... Walk into the room as if you’re working the red carpet and do a lap before you commit to a location so that everyone knows you’ve arrived. Posing from your best angle, the aura you project will show you feel as incredible as you look. Don’t just enter a party – bring it to a standstill! You want to be the talk of the town and you will be.

4. See and be seen… Hang out at the latest hot-spots in town – by hitting the chicest destinations ahead of the pack you’ll be admired for your insider knowledge on where’s hot and where’s not; but remember not to frequent a place too often as it will soon be so yesterday.

5. Social Butterfly… Keep your Smythson full to the brim with social events, parties, gigs and girly holidays – having fun and enjoying life to the full with your closest pals should be your top priority.

This was part1 of my personal insider secrets. Do not hesitate to comment and give me yours, I'll be very happy to try those!


Incredible Day: 19 days left!

Saturday July 19th... The Incredible day is approaching but first... a long week-end thanks to Belgium's national day!

Of course, no week-end without Incredible parties... On Monday 21st, I will be in St-Tropez for the Incredible Me pre-launch party!
I'll keep you posted...

By the way, I also updated my links list with some IT-blogs. Let's talk about these in the coming days...


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Incredible Me... & You! (1)

Browsing the web, I discovered a beautiful blog already talking about all the Incredible stuff...

Amélie is the blogger of "Mon ptit salon de fille". She has been invited to take part to some Incredible activities but I'll let you read on her blog.

By the way, if you like to read news about the latest catwalk styles or new fashion ideas, her blog is the place to be. :-)


An Incredible Day ... for Incredible Me!

It's now confirmed... Aug 7th will definitely be THE day, my Incredible Day.

3 weeks remaining before the launch of my ESCADA fragrance, INCREDIBLE ME!

As you probably read in Lou-Mag, this launch will be celebrated during a BIG public party but I also heard that there will probably be some more Incredible activities. More info soon about this!

First time in a mag!

I'm in Lou-Mag of July-August!

2 pages about the most INCREDIBLE parties girls have ever lived + a contest to get entrances to an incredible party.
More news to come soon...

CLICK on the picture to enlarge and read the full article!

And to forget to leave a comment...