Incredible Me: one more time!

Once again, Escada Incredible Me made it in the magazines! See hereafter the beautiful article of Lou-Mag! Their journalists came to the launch party, enjoyed and wanted to let their readers know... Girls on the pictures are of course some of our Incredible bloggers! Do you recognize them? :)
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The Incredible Four: October - Sarah

Here is again your monthy rendez-vous! One Incredible Girl each month in Lou-Mag from September till December. And October release is now available! So time to discover our second Incredible Girl: Sarah! She is 23 years old and definitely addicted to Escada Incredible Me!
More info in Lou-Mag!
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Incredible Me... & You! (7)

Hi all! One new blogger just joined the Incredible Me experience: her name is Emma and she is blogger (see here) but also personal shopper, model and fashion columnist... Wow, that's an Incredible life! :)
And she gives her readers the opportunity to win Escada Incredible Me, so don't hesitate!

By the way, when reading her blog, I discovered that Emma is also the new face of Ici Paris XL perfumery chain... I think she looks gorgeous, isn't it?
(Click on the pic to read the article (in Dutch)


Very Incredible!

Glam*It October release is now available!
And after being Incredible! in September release, Escada Incredible Me is now VERY INCREDIBLE!
This great 2 pages report gives you an overview of launch event and of the fragrance...
By the way, the entire magazine is also very interesting with a lot of articles about new IT-accessories...

(Click on the pic to read the full article)


Buzz Me, I'm Incredible! (3)

The article of Cuture-Buzz is now also available in English! Click here to read the full article...

Interesting, isn't it?


Incredible Me... & You! (6)

As I said before, new bloggers were going to join the Escada Incredible Me experience... That's done! We've select some of the most Incredible bloggers of Belgium and they all received their Incredible Me package (press files, samples and... 2 bottles of Incredible Me!).

Maxie, the blogger of "La fille backs sur le web" is already talking about it and has a little surprise for her visitors... Click HERE to discover it!

(click on the pic to enlarge and read her article)

Have a nice day!


Buzz Me, I'm Incredible! (2)

Do you know Culture-Buzz? It's a website where they share and discuss the best alternative marketing campaigns that created buzz online: viral, blog, influential, wom, buzz marketing, and branded content,… Well, I've just been informed that Incredible Me got an article!(Click here to read the full article)


Secret Revealed: Receive Free Samples of Incredible Me!

It's now official! You can order a free sample of Escada Incredible Me for you or your friends and receive it at home... Just click on the banner and follow the links!


Reveal my Secret: Escada Incredible Me

Dear Incredible visitors... This new flash banner is announcing a feature that will be soon added to my blog... With that new functionality, you'll be able to discover a lot more about Incredible Me or, if you have a website, to give your visitors the opportunity to close the gap between multimedia and reality... :)
Of course, you'll be the first to know...


Links added

Today, I added several links of new bloggers that will join the Escada Incredible Me experience in the coming days...

I invite you to visit those very interesting blogs and let's talk about it later!


Incredible People

Dear readers, as I received requests from people who forgot to take their picture at the exit of the Incredible Party of August 7th, I uploaded all of them here! A lot of Incredible girls as you can see... :-)


Escada Incredible Me: Behind the Scenes with Charlotte Le Bon

Always interesting: I invite you today to view the "Behind The Scenes" video of the videoclip.
You'll learn more about the shooting, about Charlotte Le Bon (our Incredible model) and hear some exclusive comments of Javier Vallhonrat, the director of the videoclip. Enjoy!


Mettez-vous au parfum!

Dear visitors... The week-end is coming! :-) As week-end does not only mean PARTIES, I found you something to read... Very nice article (from Lou-Mag) about new fragrances launched in August/September. Of course, no good listing without the star fragrance: Escada Incredible Me!
I wish you a very good week-end!
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Escada Incredible Me: Official Launch Video !!!

Here it is! Here is the movie of the INCREDIBLE DAY! Do not hesitate to comment and share!
It was a lot of fun to meet all of you there!
That was definitely a party to remember...


Sexy at Nikki Beach: the pictures

As promised, here are the pictures of the Nikki Beach party! Our 2 beautiful hostesses were there to make you discover the Incredible fragrance and the Escada Incredible Me photoshoot was perfect to remember that Incredible Party. All the pics here and more on Peopleattitude!


Sexy at Nikki Beach

I was in Saint-Tropez on the 21st of July... Well... August 15th... Other Belgian Public Holiday... = Other trendy party at a trendy place!

I was indeed at the "Nikki Beach Knokke 2008 Pink & White Party"!

Here again, lots of sexy people for an Incredible Party.

Pics coming soon!


Escada Incredible Me Contest (2) !

5 days ago, together with peopleattitude, I gave you the opportunity to win Incredible Me! Due to the success of this contest, I thought that a second one would be a rather good idea. Lou-Mag readers could already see it in September release. For all the others, here are the details:

(Click on the pic to enlarge)

Let me know if you win! :-)


The Incredible Four: September - Zaïna

Do you remember my article of July 24? It was about the photoshoot of our 4 Incredible girls for Lou-Mag... I announced that you would discover one Incredible girl each month in the magazine from September till December.
As September release of Lou-Mag is now available, you can discover our first Incredible Girl: Zaïna! More info in Lou-Mag!

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Incredible Me is a MUST HAVE!

I'm sure you all know Glam*It, that fashion magazine inspiring a lot of Dutch speaking fashionistas... Well... September release is now in shops... I read it and discovered that they are already "Incredible Me-addicted"!!! : on one full page, they present the fragrance as the MUST HAVE of the month! Wow! And you, are you Incredible Me-addicted? ;-)

Click on the pic to enlarge


Escada Incredible Me Contest!

Together with Peopleattitude (See and be Seen), I give you the opportunity to win Incredible Me! Don't miss it! So if you are not yet registered on Peopleattitude and didn't receive the newsletter, here it is (click on the pic to enlarge):

FR ---------------------------NL

As you can read, you just need to find the answers to 5 questions and send those via e-mail to contest@peopleattitude.com with your postal data.
(All the answers are on this blog, so if you're a frequent reader, it will be easy!)
Good luck and talk to you soon...


Escada Incredible Day: Step 3 (Incredible Party)

Third step of our Incredible Day: bloggers arrived as VIP in Carré where champagne was flowing! They were on the first row to enjoy Escada Fall-Winter 2008/2009 fashion show and it all ended on the dancefloor...
Again, 165 pictures are available here and here is the third preview movie:


Escada Incredible Day: Step 2 (Discover Incredible Me)

Second step of this Incredible Day: bloggers attended a dedicated conference where they learned all the small secrets about Incredible Me... 70 pictures are available here and here is a preview with this second small movie:


Escada Incredible Day: Step 1 (Make Me Incredible)

Because pictures often tell more than just words, you can fin here 196 pictures of the first step of the Escada Incredible Day: Incredible Bloggers could enjoy a make-over and experiment the life of a model by being the star of a photoshoot:



It happened! WOW!

Thousands of pictures of thousands of Incredible People.
--> Too much for one post. <--
Let's see what happened during this Incredible Day, step by step, in the coming days!


Incredible day: today!

Needless to say...
Finally, here it is!
Everything is ready to make this day THE DAY of Incredible Me...
Be pretty, be sexy, be fashion, be there!


Incredible Me... & You! (5)

2 days left! And bloggers have all received their exclusive invitation for this Incredible Day...
Amélie wrote a nice article (click on the pic to enlarge) about her photoshoot experience and about the agenda of this Incredible Day...
In a few words:

1. Making Me Incredible @ Sebastian Professional Studio
2. Bloggers conference @ Martini Terrazza
3. Incredible Me, The Première @ Carré with special VIP treatment
4. Night at Gravenhof castle...

Wow, that seems Incredible! :-)

See you there girls!


Escada Sport Fall-Winter 2008/2009 Collection

Two days ago, I gave you an overview of some looks of Escada main line. It's now time to look at what you'll see of the Escada Sport Fall-Winter 2008-2009 Collection. Sporty, colorful, elegant and trendy!


Incredible Me, The Music by Goldfrapp

I received some questions about the song of the Escada Incredible Me video. So here are the answers:

  • The song is from Goldfrapp, a British electronic music group.
  • The name of the song is "Strict Machine" and it's the second single of Goldfrapp's second album, Black Cherry.
  • This song reached number 1 on the U.S. Hot Dance Club Play chart.

I hope you enjoy it!


Escada Fall-Winter 2008/2009 Collection

You could read it here before and on Carré website, an exclusive Escada fashionshow will take place during the Incredible Pretty People Party! It will be an unique opportunity to see Dominique models wearing some Incredible looks of Escada Fall-Winter 2008/2009 collection.
Hereafter some very impressive looks of that collection...


Incredible Me... & You! (4)

Girls, it's the beginning of the week-end!
Before going out tonight for some parties, I discovered that Gloss Framboise is also spreading the Buzz about Incredible Me!

She will attend our incredible events on Aug 7th... Let's discover her life & thoughts on her blog. Another Incredible girl!

Have a nice week-end!


Incredible day: one week left!

One week! That's what I just realized this morning... Everything is going so fast!
I also updated my links:

Those are now on the list!

The preparation of our giant party: "Escada Incredible Me, The Première" is intense but I'm sure this will be THE party to remember...

Hundreds of red Escada Incredible Me gift bags are already waiting for you! :)

See you in one week!


Charlotte Le Bon is Incredible Me

You could discover it in the ad, a remarkable brunette is the face of Incredible Me.
Charlotte Le Bon is a rising 5'9" Canadian model and she is the perfect girl for Incredible Me.
She is edgy, sexy, urban. She expresses magical intelligence and represents happy elegance. She has her own symbolic universe – a rich personality, a natural aura and a simple, stylish look. She is fresh and vibrant, and her beauty is striking, not naïve.
Hereafter, you'll find some other pictures (click on pics to enlarge) :


Inside Incredible Me

I'm sure one question still remains: how does Incredible Me smell?
Well, I won't reveal its secrets but the following picture gives you a lot of info about what it's made of:

It's an Oriental Vanilla
and I'm sure you will love its components!
More info soon :)


Incredible Me, The Premiere video

Girls, here is an exclusivity! The video of the Incredible Me launch party has just been released...
Here it is!!!

Of course, you can also admire it on Carré homepage!
Do not hesitate to share... :)


Buzz me, I’m Incredible!

Girls, what about your week-end? Incredible?

I just found out a new article talking about the activities that will happen in the coming days and weeks!
It’s available here (and also here if you prefer French).

This article is actually not from a blogger but from a bloggers community: Buzzparadise!
If you don’t know Buzzparadise, they describe themselves as an international buzz marketing platform connecting brands and influential consumers. An indeed, they have been very helpful after I decided to involve bloggers in the launch of the fragrance.

So, if you consider yourself as well-informed, expert in a specific area, buzzer or blogger, join now their community here!

See you soon for some fresh exclusive news!


Incredible Me... & You! (3)

Do you remember the Incredible Photoshoot, 2 days ago?
I posted some pics but didn't go that much into details...
One of our Incredible bloggers (Sophie) did! Click here to read her great article...

It is full of info about the artists who did such a great job on that day:

Have a good week-end girls!


Sexy at Saint-Tropez

As promised, here are a few pics of Incredible Me presentation at Saint-Tropez...
Trendy place + Beautiful weather + Sexy people = really nice party!

Incredible girls with Incredible Me

13 days left and it can be yours... :)
For those who want, hundreds of pics available on Peopleattitude website!


Incredible photoshoot

As announced, today was the day of the photoshoot of our 4 Incredible girls.
It all happened in "La Fabrique 22a", a beautiful studio in Brussels.
2 of the 4 girls were bloggers:

You will discover one Incredible girl each month in Lou-Mag from September till December.
If you don't want to wait, why no visiting the blogs of those Incredible girls? Maybe you will find some exclusive backstage pics or comments on the experience in the coming days...

Hereafter some pictures... As you can guess: lot of work, lots of pictures taken, lots of colours and...of course... Incredible Me, the fragrance!