Incredible Me... & You! (6)

As I said before, new bloggers were going to join the Escada Incredible Me experience... That's done! We've select some of the most Incredible bloggers of Belgium and they all received their Incredible Me package (press files, samples and... 2 bottles of Incredible Me!).

Maxie, the blogger of "La fille backs sur le web" is already talking about it and has a little surprise for her visitors... Click HERE to discover it!

(click on the pic to enlarge and read her article)

Have a nice day!

4 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

I took part! Hope I win this time :)
Desperately wanting this fragrance...

Indrė said...

I love this perfume and the Bag. It's wonderful!

EMMA said...


I'm one 'of the most Incredible Bloggers of Belgium' and I also received a test package!

See my review on 'Incredible Me' on my blog and win this perfume!

x emma

btw: it's no problem if you put my post on this website!

Incredible Me said...

Hi Emma!
Thanks for your super article and I will for sure make your contest known on the blog.
Btw, love your blog!

Incredible Me