Incredible Me: one more time!

Once again, Escada Incredible Me made it in the magazines! See hereafter the beautiful article of Lou-Mag! Their journalists came to the launch party, enjoyed and wanted to let their readers know... Girls on the pictures are of course some of our Incredible bloggers! Do you recognize them? :)
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The Incredible Four: October - Sarah

Here is again your monthy rendez-vous! One Incredible Girl each month in Lou-Mag from September till December. And October release is now available! So time to discover our second Incredible Girl: Sarah! She is 23 years old and definitely addicted to Escada Incredible Me!
More info in Lou-Mag!
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Incredible Me... & You! (7)

Hi all! One new blogger just joined the Incredible Me experience: her name is Emma and she is blogger (see here) but also personal shopper, model and fashion columnist... Wow, that's an Incredible life! :)
And she gives her readers the opportunity to win Escada Incredible Me, so don't hesitate!

By the way, when reading her blog, I discovered that Emma is also the new face of Ici Paris XL perfumery chain... I think she looks gorgeous, isn't it?
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Very Incredible!

Glam*It October release is now available!
And after being Incredible! in September release, Escada Incredible Me is now VERY INCREDIBLE!
This great 2 pages report gives you an overview of launch event and of the fragrance...
By the way, the entire magazine is also very interesting with a lot of articles about new IT-accessories...

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Buzz Me, I'm Incredible! (3)

The article of Cuture-Buzz is now also available in English! Click here to read the full article...

Interesting, isn't it?


Incredible Me... & You! (6)

As I said before, new bloggers were going to join the Escada Incredible Me experience... That's done! We've select some of the most Incredible bloggers of Belgium and they all received their Incredible Me package (press files, samples and... 2 bottles of Incredible Me!).

Maxie, the blogger of "La fille backs sur le web" is already talking about it and has a little surprise for her visitors... Click HERE to discover it!

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Have a nice day!


Buzz Me, I'm Incredible! (2)

Do you know Culture-Buzz? It's a website where they share and discuss the best alternative marketing campaigns that created buzz online: viral, blog, influential, wom, buzz marketing, and branded content,… Well, I've just been informed that Incredible Me got an article!(Click here to read the full article)