Some fabulous tips for being Incredible (part1)

These tips are not to take too seriously but could help you being truly Incredible!

1. Pamper, pamper, pamper! Book in a manicure, sport a trendy new hairstyle, have your make-up applied to perfection and finish with a spritz of ESCADA’s hot new Fashionista fragrance, Incredible Me. It’s all about first impressions, and with pre-event pamper parties all the rage among the social elite, there’s no excuse for not looking incredible!

2. Streets Ahead… Forget fashion faux-pas – keep a close eye on the latest catwalk trends. Whether its bright neon prints or subtle safari shades, make sure you’re draped head to toe in fabric that will soon be gracing the pages of Vogue. Once you’re dressed to impress and rubbing shoulders with the fashion glitterati, you may even catch the eye of the industry’s hippest up-and-coming designers.

3. Make an entrance... Walk into the room as if you’re working the red carpet and do a lap before you commit to a location so that everyone knows you’ve arrived. Posing from your best angle, the aura you project will show you feel as incredible as you look. Don’t just enter a party – bring it to a standstill! You want to be the talk of the town and you will be.

4. See and be seen… Hang out at the latest hot-spots in town – by hitting the chicest destinations ahead of the pack you’ll be admired for your insider knowledge on where’s hot and where’s not; but remember not to frequent a place too often as it will soon be so yesterday.

5. Social Butterfly… Keep your Smythson full to the brim with social events, parties, gigs and girly holidays – having fun and enjoying life to the full with your closest pals should be your top priority.

This was part1 of my personal insider secrets. Do not hesitate to comment and give me yours, I'll be very happy to try those!

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Alerte à Liège/Sophie said...

Just look forward to reading part2 ;)